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Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach is very similar to Kewarra Beach, because it remains largely untouched by tourist development and is retains a very laid-back atmosphere that is a delight to find. Clifton is favoured by many locals who enjoy sipping on a glass of wine while relaxing on beach chairs under the swaying trees that make up the backdrop to the beach.

The beach itself is clean and deep, entertains a moderate swell from the southeasterly trade winds, and is home to a large pippy population. In case you're wondering what on earth a pippy is, these are small muscle-like creatures that bury themselves in the sand but continuously get dredged back to the surface as waves climb up the foreshore. They are very entertaining to watch, and make great fishing bait if you have nothing else to use.

To access Clifton Beach, follow the Captain Cook Highway north from Cairns for about 20-25 minutes. You will pass a BP petrol station and then a MOBILE petrol station further down the road. Take the right turn off the highway immediately after this second petrol station and follow it to the very end. You will be met with a wall of trees - take a right turn here and follow the winding road until you reach the beach. On the left side is a parking lot with picnic tables, BBQs and play equipment. Or, if you'd rather avoid other people you can turn right and follow the road along the beachfront until you find a nice spot.

Note: This beach has a stinger net during the stinger season. When the stinger net is in place, please only swim inside its protective barriers. Swimming outside the nets exposes you to unnecessary dangers.