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Turtle Bay

Turtle BayIf you want total seclusion on a tropical beach that resembles images of paradise so closely you won't believe it's possible, then Turtle Bay meets your expectations. There are no references to Turtle Bay in any beach magazine, directory, or any tour guide. That's because no one goes there. No tour boats visit the beach, and there are no roads to this idyllic beach.

So how do you get there? You'll need your own boat. With a powerboat it is possible to reach the bay in less than 45 minutes. Head out the Cairns Inlet through the markers and turn starboard when your draft allows you to do so. Pass Cape Grafton on the eastern side and turn south along the rocky coastline. After approximately 2 miles, the beach will appear on the starboard bow - you'll know it when you see it. The Australian scrub rambles down the steep mountain to the undisturbed beach. The anchorage is moderately protected from the south east swell, but is open to northeasterlies in the summer months of the year. Holding ground is good with a sandy bottom, and a CQR anchor is sufficient.

The golden beach is located on the mainland and stretches for over 1 kilometre between two rocky headlands. The view is of the Coral Sea and an occasional boat passing out at sea. Behind the beach are three freshwater streams and a waterfall that carries water all year.

Turtle Bay is an unknown treat. Even locals in the Cairns region do not know the qualities of this beach that is right on their doorstep. If you have the means, take a trip to this wonderful place, Turtle Bay. The only other person you're likely to see there is me!