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Beaches at the Daintree Rainforest

Pudagha Beach - Cape Tribulation

The beaches of the Daintree Rainforest are rated among the most spectacular in the world. The tropical warmth combined with dazzling sunshine and crystal clear calm water makes you wonder if this is what heaven could be like. One of the most wonderful features of Daintree beaches is the lack of people. Stretching for miles, you can cast your eyes along the golden sand and not see a single soul - except perhaps your soul mate.

The only serious safety concern when swimming at beaches in the Daintree Rainforest area are marine stingers. During the summer months of the year (November to March), the prevalence of jellyfish makes swimming in the ocean dangerous, and even life threatening. Visitors are advised to stay out of the water completely during these times.

Most the beaches in the Daintree region are very similar - golden sand, calm blue water and mostly deserted. They are pristine.

Coconut Beach

This beach is accessed through a resort, but can also be reached slightly further south of the resort from the main road. It is 2 kms south of Cape Tribulation, and has a large reef that lies offshore. The depth of water drops significantly at the edge of the reef, making this a good fishing location.
To the north of the beach is a small creek but visitors are advised not to swim here because there have been reports of crocodiles living in the creek.

Cape Tribulation Beach

This is the showcase beach of the area. Protected by the Cape Tribulation headland, the water here is almost always calm and crystal clear. Tourist operators visit this beach every day of the week, so there are often many people here.

Emmagen Beach

There are normally very few people at Emmagen Beach, so you can pretend to be Robinson Crusoe. Looking out to the Coral Sea, it is easy to imagine that you are alone in the world.

Donovans Beach

A little further along the road is Donovans Beach. It's too far to walk from accommodation in the Daintree Rainforest, so you'll need a car or bicycle to reach it. To reach Donovans beach, turn off a dirt track near Emmagen Beach and follow it for about 200 metres. There have been sightings of crocodiles on this beach, and as a result only brave people visit it.

Noahs Beach

There is a camping ground at Noahs Beach, which is frequently occupied. A self-registration booth is located at the entrance to the park, and guests must complete a permit form a pay a small fee to the collection box. Rangers do make periodic trips to the park to check that visitors are using the facilities in an orderly manner.

Daintree Accommodation

Daintree - Red Mill House Birdwatching Bed and Breakfast
Quaint Daintree bed and breakfast Queenslander accommodation with attached modern wing offering a friendly rainforest lodging set in 1.5 acres of tropical gardens renowned for birdwatching. Located 400m from the beautiful Daintree River, Australia.

Daintree - Cockatoo Hill Retreat
Luxury resort accommodation with four rainforest lodge cabins perched between Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation north of Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia.

Daintree - Hasta Manana Beachfront Villas
Daintree accommodation with modern beachfront villas representing a luxury holiday rental home for your rainforest vacation at Wonga Beach. Private, tropical beach house villa located near Cairns' Great Barrier Reef.