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Noosa Heads

Noosa Heads is located at the northern end of Alexandria Bay, producing a rocky headland that extends to the northeast. This is a prime surfing spot as southeasterly breezes sweep around the tip of the Noosa National Park.

The real reason Noosa Heads has become so popular for visitors are the excellent surfing opportunities that exist at the four beaches on the headland. All levels of surfing prowess are catered for. The further along the points you get, the bigger the waves become. The beaches are listed below, beginning with the easiest and ending with the most difficult conditions.

First Point
Ideal for beginners, this small beach needs a medium swell to create surf that is suitable for a longboard. As the swell increases, the better the surfing becomes.

Johnsons is similar to First Point, but an increased swell makes this a challenging section suitable only for experienced surfers. The wave can be very long and challenging.

Tea Tree Bay is the next beach, featuring a heavy take off zone. The rocky bottom makes for great barrels, but wait for a low tide to take advantage of the heaviest waves.

The final beach at Noosa Heads is Granite Bay. The waves here have the most size on a medium swell. The waves are shorter than the other points.

No dogs are allowed at Noosa Heads because it is a National Park. Facilities available include telephones, toilets, information board, parking and showers.