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Holloways Beach

Holloways Beach

Another of Cairns's residential beaches, Holloways Beach is growing in stature with the establishment of a resort on the waterfront. The actual beach is narrow and is unfortunately facing the same erosion dilemma that Machans Beach confronted many years ago. At this time, Holloways Beach residents and the local council are devising ways to prevent the sand from slipping into the sea, and consequently save the houses from slipping onto the beach.

Holloways beach is narrow - only a couple of metres in width - but is a lovely spot to cool off, take the dog for a walk, sit and enjoy the fresh air, or cast out a fishing line. A very nice restaurant and café make Holloways a pleasant beach in all circumstances.

To access Holloways Beach, follow the Captain Cook Highway north until you reach the roundabout with the sign HOLLOWAYS BEACH. Turn right here and follow the road all the way to the end. This road is well marked with signs, which make it easy to follow.

A more secluded spot away from other people can be found by making a right turn at the roundabout located at the Holloways Beach Park. You'll know you are at the roundabout because there is a telephone relay house on the left side and a large park with a water tower in the middle of it, on the right. Go to the end of this road and there will be a small track leading down to the beach. Park at the top of this track.

Note: This beach has a stinger net during the stinger season. When the stinger net is in place, please only swim inside its protective barriers. Swimming outside the nets exposes you to unnecessary dangers.